20+Modern Living Room Design Ideas

30+ Amazing Home Ideas And Designs

Home Ideas And Designs

We’ve all got some sort of idea of how our dream home might look. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want clever modern design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, here are a few examples of homes where people have been able to realize some of their greatest home design fantasies.

These ingenious home improvements run from pools and aquariums to cleverly-hidden storage spaces, multi-purpose furniture and… cat transit walkways. Maybe you’ll recognize something that you’ve always wanted to see, or maybe the pictures will get your juices flowing and inspire you to come up with or even build something new.

Warning – viewing some of these images may make you feel dissatisfied with your current home!

1. Aquarium Bed

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: acrylicaquariums.com

2. Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: Hilden and Diaz

3. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

Home Ideas And Designs


4. Swing Set Table

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: psfk.com

5. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: Justin Kemp

6. Spiral Staircase Slide

Image credits: unknown

7. Cat Transit System

Image credits: Because We Can

8. Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom

Image credits: Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

9. Fusion Dining And Pool Table

Buy: amazon.com

10. Hammock Bed

Image credits: Le Beanock

11. Understairs Storage

Image credits: Deriba Furniture

12. Backyard Cinema

Image credits: fancymaterial.com

13. Ping Pong Door

Image credits: Tobias Fraenzel

14. A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains

Image credits: ingeniumetars

15. See-through Bathtub

Image credits: Stern McCafferty

16. Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Image credits: unknown

17. Bookcase Staircase

Image credits: Levitate Architects

18. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit

Image credits: unknown

19. Spiral Wine Storage

Image credits: spiralcellars.co.uk

20. Treehouse Room For Kids

Image credits: mytropolisdesign.com

21. Pirate Ship Bedroom For Yourself

22. Walk-In Pool

Image credits: houzz.com

23. Door of Swatches

Image credits: studio.arminblasbichler.com

24. Hammock Over the Stairs

Image credits: ooda.eu

25. Ice Cave In Your Room

(These icicles formed inside a building in Chicago due to bad cold storage maintenance.)

26. Skate-park Room

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: Pierre Andre Senizergues

27. Fire Pit Table

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: moma-design.it

28. Backyard Office

Image credits: officepod.co.uk

29. Indoor Slide

Home Ideas And Designs
Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: David Hotson

30. Catwalk Around The House

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: nekomemo.com

31. Table Firepit

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: unknown

32. Kitchen Table Tennis

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: hammacher.com

33. Balcony Pool

Home Ideas And Designs

Image credits: James Law

25+ Inspiring Bathroom Sink Ideas to Add Style and Color to Your Bathroom

A bathroom sink can be a focal point of any bathroom, as it’s often one of the first things you see when you walk in. The sink is also sometimes some of the only counter space within a bathroom, so it can be a good place to put decorations or incorporate decorative aspects into your bathroom. There are many different bathroom sink ideas that can help bring color and decoration into your bathroom.


There are a lot of different possibilities for ways that you can decorate your bathroom sink. Picking a unique option for the sink itself is an interesting way to add something different to your bathroom while keeping the space relatively clutter free, if that’s a look you prefer. Some interesting bathroom sink ideas include finding an interesting mirror, feature wall, backsplash, or countertop to add interesting elements to the actual architecture of the bathroom itself. Choosing a style that fits with the desired aesthetic for your bathroom is an important process that can also be a lot of fun, and there are many styles to choose from, from modern to rustic to everything in between.

Here are 31 bathroom sink ideas to help spark some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation or redecoration.

1. Statement Mirror and Rustic Feature Wall

Statement Mirror and Rustic Feature Wall

2. Large Mirror and Lots of Light

Large Mirror and Lots of Light

3. Rustic Barn-Inspired Sinks and Backsplash

Rustic Barn-Inspired Sinks and Backsplash

4. Elegant Countertop and Floral Basin

Elegant Countertop and Floral Basin

5. Modern Sink with a Statement Countertop

Modern Sink with a Statement Countertop

6. Rustic Sink with Minimalist Features

Rustic Sink with Minimalist Features

7. Beautiful Sink with a Pop of Color

Beautiful Sink with a Pop of Color

8. Statement Mirror with Elongated Sink

Statement Mirror with Elongated Sink

9. Ultra-Modern Glass Faucet and Sink

Ultra-Modern Glass Faucet and Sink

10. Stone-Inspired Basin for a Rustic Look

Stone-Inspired Basin for a Rustic Look

11. Elongated Sink with a Pop of Color

Elongated Sink with a Pop of Color

12. Rustic Natural Edge Counter with Chain Detail

Rustic Natural Edge Counter with Chain Detail

13. Raised Corner Sink with Spot Lighting

Raised Corner Sink with Spot Lighting

14. Unique Square Sink with Rustic Features

Unique Square Sink with Rustic Features

15. Classic Counter with Unique Window Decoration

Classic Counter with Unique Window Decoration

16. Wide Flat Sink with Rustic Wood Counter

Wide Flat Sink with Rustic Wood Counter

17. Ultra-Rustic Round Barrel Sink

Ultra-Rustic Round Barrel Sink

18. Standalone Sink with Modern Mirror and Lighting

Standalone Sink with Modern Mirror and Lighting

19. Floral Basin with a Vintage Feel

Floral Basin with a Vintage Feel

20. Classic White Sink with Large Mirror

Classic White Sink with Large Mirror

21. Bright White Sink with Statement Wood Countertop

Bright White Sink with Statement Wood Countertop

22. Rustic Decor with Stone Basins

Rustic Decor with Stone Basins

23. Modern Raised Sink with Feature Backsplash

Modern Raised Sink with Feature Backsplash

24. Large Sink with Bright White Decor

Large Sink with Bright White Decor

25. Unique Countertop and Raised Basin Sinks

Unique Countertop and Raised Basin Sinks

26. Rustic Wood Backsplash with Unique Sink Basin

Rustic Wood Backsplash with Unique Sink Basin

27. Standout and Unique Brass-Inspired Basin

Standout and Unique Brass-Inspired Basin

28. Sink Set into the Countertop

Sink Set into the Countertop

29. Retro-inspired Sink with Color Pop Stools

Retro-inspired Sink with Color Pop Stools

30. Marble Counter with Coordinated Backsplash

Marble Counter with Coordinated Backsplash

31. Rustic Basin sink with Stone Backsplash

Rustic Basin sink with Stone Backsplash

Decorate Your Kitchen with LED Strip Lights

Remodeling your old kitchen or planning for a new one is all about finding that perfect balance between aesthetics, ergonomics and exclusivity. Irrespective of the style, theme and size of your kitchen, lighting is undoubtedly what makes or breaks its appeal. And at the heart of every illuminated modern kitchen are LED strip lights, which combine convenience with energy-saving credentials and pulsating brilliance. Versatile and incredibly ‘in trend’, LED strip lighting is definitely one of the must-haves of 2017 kitchen and we here to show you how!

Under-cabinet LED strip lights used to illuminate the kitchen countertop

LED lighting has been around for a while, but strip lights definitely have taken these energy-efficient lighting fixtures to a whole new level. Illuminating even the most awkward of corners, these adaptable lights can be easily incorporated into the design of an existing kitchen with little fuss. From beautiful shelves and smart cabinets to functional countertops and striking kitchen islands, LED strip lights can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Under-Cabinet LED Strip Lighting

Kitchen storage units are some of the first things we settle on while planning for a new kitchen. Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with modular ease can transform your kitchen in an instant. But taking this to next level is under-cabinet LED strip lighting that allows you to easily place these custom cabinets just above the kitchen countertop in a small kitchen. For those short on vertical space or even looking for ways in which they can bring better task lighting to the kitchen counter, LED strip lights offer a convenient and cost-effect option.

LED strip lights underneath the top kitchen shelves light up the kitchen counter and display below

LED Strip Lights
Stylish modern kitchen from Rempp with wooden cabinets and under-cabinet LED strip lighting

They illuminate the shelves or countertop below the cabinets more evenly than recessed lights and definitely beat sconce both in terms of practicality and perfect lighting. And the best part of it all is that these ingenious lights also bring the kitchen backsplash alive without ever getting in the way!

Decorate Your Kitchen with LED Strip Lights
Under-cabint LED strip lights are a popular trend in contempoarry kitchens
Exquisite contemporary kitchen in marble and wood from Decker
Kitchen island with open shelfe and beautiful LED lighting

LED Lighting for Kitchen Shelves

The next most popular option when it comes to using LED strip lights in the kitchen are floating shelves and open cabinets. Floating glass shelves with LED strip lights have a certain surreal appeal that transforms them into an instant focal point. Strip lights also allow you to illuminate each individual floating shelf and even the lowest of them all is perfectly lit, eliminating any prospect of ugly shadows. Whether you are displaying fancy china or just fashioning a beautiful backdrop, LED strip lights and open kitchen shelves is a match made in design haven!

LED strip lighting ideas for open shelving in the kitchen and beyond
LED strip lights make for great accent lighting to highlight kitchen shelves
Stunning contemporary kitchen in white and gray with floating shelves and LED strip lighting
Apple green and LED strip lights bring brightness to the contemporary kitchen
Even the tiniest of kitchens and darkest of corners can be enlivened with LED strip lights

Connecting the Kitchen with Living Space

Thinking of ways in which you can extend the living room aesthetic into the kitchen without actually changing too much? LED strip lighting is a fun and chic option which does precisely that without trying too hard. Just use matching lights for the living room shelves, entertainment unit, dining space backdrop, kitchen cabinets and island, to create a homogeneous lighting scheme. It is not so much about using loads of LED lighting as it is about smartly highlighting the right architectural features and establishing visual connectivity.

LED strip lights can act as a visually unifying element between the kitchen and open plan living area
Shelves lit up using LED strip lights create a common design element thoughout the open plan living
Smart under-cabinet LED strip lighting in kitchen is a functional choice
Dashing all-white contemporary kitchen with a spacious breakfast bar

Lighting the Smart Kitchen

Do not limit yourself to strip lights alone when shopping for kitchen lighting fixtures. Apart from the usual dose of pendants that occupy prime position above the kitchen counter, consider LED recessed lights to create a dashing and energy-efficient modern kitchen. All LED lighting fixtures are inherently more planet-friendly than traditional CFLs and are sure to cut back on your home’s power consumption significantly. So why wait to get on the LED bandwagon?

Combine LED recessed lights with strip ligjts to create the perfect kitchen counter
Define kitchen shelving and countertops with bright LED strip lights
Highlight the most amazing architectural features of your kitchen with LED strip lights
LED strip lighting is both convenient and classy when used right
Accent lighting reaches a new level with delightful LED strip lights in this classy kitchen filled with wood

30+Ways to Create a Romantic Ambiance with String Lights

String Lights

The lighting significantly affects the ambiance in our home. It can make it a bright place or a dimmed sanctuary, a lively room or a romantic cozy space. Certain lights don’t only serve as an illuminating factor in the room; they can be primarily used as decor elements. String lights definitely fit into that category. They have a strong decoration value as they instantly turn any space into a charming, romantic paradise. Here are 30 ways to decorate with string lights!

Bedroom’s Enchanting Atmosphere

String lights make the bedroom absolutely enchanting. They emphasise the intimate and secure feeling of the space, radiating a calm and peaceful lighting that will help you wind down at the end of the day.

Using string lights instead of a headboard is a great way to spice up your bedroom and create a unique element that isn’t only beautiful to look at, but functional as well.

The playfulness of the children’s room is enhanced by the colorful string lights hanging on the side of the bunk bed, giving the room an element of charm and joyfulness!

The string lights can only truly show their magical beauty once the other lights are off and they are the only source of lighting in the room. Perfect for teenager’s rooms or dorm rooms, they create a cozy atmosphere that feels familiar and homelike. Place the lights above or near the bed to surround it with the warm shade of yellow that the lights are radiating, making the bed a centerpiece of the room.

The bedroom doesn’t have to be dark for the string lights to be useful, they can easily do their job during the day as well! They quickly blend in with the background, the yellow lighting becoming more subtle but magical nonetheless!

Wrap up the whole bedroom in a romantic ambiance created by string lights! Hanging up the lights near the ceiling and having them go around the entire room really highlights the cozy feeling of the space.

This bedroom is an example of how wonderfully string lights can be used as functional decoration. Arrange them in a shape of a heart and illuminate your room with a unique wall decor piece!

String lights can be placed above the headboard to contribute to the whimsical, bohemian ambiance in a light beige bedroom.

To truly illuminate your bed and create a fairytale-like interior, hang the string lights over the canopy that is placed above your bed. The result is a cozy and serene space, a perfect combination for a bedroom with gypsy influences.

While most of the string light decoration ideas include hanging the lights on the walls, it’s not a rule at all! You can put the lights in the bottom of the bed frame and watch how marvelously they illuminate the bed!

Illuminated Living Room

We normally tend to make the living room bright and joyful, either by utilizing the natural light coming in through tall windows or filling the space with bright lights that keep it well-lit even when the sun goes down. String lights are just an addition to the already illuminated space that could do with a few romantic elements.

To decorate the entire space with string lights without them being in the way, hang them on the ceiling! They will beautifully illuminate the room along with the main lights and create one of the most wonderful ceilings imaginable.

You can use the string lights to draw attention to a special element in your living room, such as this tall mirror! Without the lights it’s just another mirror that can simply blend with the interior, but with the string lights it becomes a defining piece in the space!

The curtains are definitely an important part of any room and it really pays off to give them a little extra romantic flair that will affect the ambiance of the entire room. Such a great effect can be achieved with a simple addition of string lights – only $25 on eBay.

String lights will be noticeable and beautiful even if they are not fully taking over the space. In this living room they are illuminating the corner, their subtle look a wonderful decor piece! [Courtesy of Alvhemmakleri]

A fireplace can be decorated with string lights even outside of the festive season. It creates a beautiful centerpiece in the living room, one that radiates warmth and comfort. [via DIYNetwork]

Contemporary wall art frequently includes letters and words, so here’s a great idea that brings together the modern decor trends and the classy string lights!

Ladders are the latest trend in home decor; they are being used as a unique decor element that somehow totally works indoors! Sometimes they will serve for storing blankets and sometimes they will be tangled in string lights, creating an artistic piece!

Hanging string lights on the wall of your living room, right under the ceiling, creates a magical and calming space even (or perhaps especially) when the rest of the lights are turned off.

A big window demands attention by default, but when it’s decorated with string lights it stands out even more! This is a great way to highlight the best features of a rustic interior!

Charming and Romantic Outdoors

String lights don’t perform magically only inside of the house, they create an incredible ambiance outdoors as well. A backyard table setting is not complete without some string lights hanging above it, leaving everybody speechless with their charm!

Spending chilly evenings in your backyard that is lit up by plenty little light bulbs on a string is truly an unforgettable experience that makes your home feel highly comfortable and precious.

There is hardly a limit to how many string lights you can wrap around the wooden gazebo on your patio. The more lights you have, the more romantic the atmosphere can be!

An outdoor table setting is perfected by a nice display of string lights hung right above it. They create a welcoming place for hosting dinners and celebrations!

Bigger string lights are very noticeable and meant to capture the attention. They steer the space into a direction of elegance and charm, lighting up the outdoors in a way that creates a relaxed ambiance and encourages deep conversations. They are definitely the perfect choice for homeowners who love to entertain their guests and want a whimsical setting while doing so.

A patio umbrella isn’t just useful during the day; it can prove itself worthy during the night too! Use it to hang up the string lights above the outdoor table or lounging area and watch how the atmosphere changes instantly! From a normal patio that is similar to countless others, to a unique and alluring space that has your own personal touch!

String lights aren’t just meant to be hung over the dining table, though that’s surely a great option. They can be lighting up the entire backyard, no matter how much open space there is – so long as there are trees to hang them on, the string lights can come out to play!

The best thing about string lights is that there are no rules to hanging them – just follow your intuition and personal preference and you are all set! They don’t have to look orderly to appear attractive, they can actually benefit from the incidental style!

Normally string lights are hung low, close to the setting they are meant to illuminate. Switch things up and hang them really high above the ground to make them appear as if they are a part of the night sky!

When indoors, string lights pair wonderfully with a fireplace. The outdoor equivalent of that match is pairing the lights with a fire pit! The result of this great combination is a warm and well-lit backyard!

There is so much beauty in subtle lighting. These string lights may not have a big effect on the actual lighting itself, being overpowered by the natural light, but they are just noticeable enough to be considered a lovely and innovative decor element, not usually found on big, modern patios!


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Drool-worthy modern farmhouse kitchen hero

If you’re looking to design the modern farmhouse kitchen of your dreams, look no further than these stunning ideas. Each example mixes the three essential ingredients for creating a drool-worthy cooking space: Modern features, rustic elements, and industrial-inspired accents. When blended just right, the result is a sophisticated kitchen that’s also warm and inviting.

Farmhouse Colors

Farmhouse Kitchen

There are no hard-set rules for modern farmhouse colors. However, a winning palette seen in many spaces combines white, black and natural wood tones. For instance, this dreamy kitchen built by Gardner Homes features white quartz countertops, black shaker cabinets and an island wrapped in walnut wood.

Shaker Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen

Simple shaker cabinets, white subway tile, and of course hand hewed barn beams give this kitchen remodeled by Bauscher Construction an approachable look. Treating the mint green island to a distressed faux finish adds to this kitchen’s relaxed yet stylish vibe.

Copper Light Fixtures

Farmhouse Kitchen

Copper accents are having a big moment because the metal works with a broad range of décor styles. In this cooking space by Blakes London, the industrial-inspired copper lamps add a little shine and warmth to the room.

Wood Range Hood

Farmhouse Kitchen

There’s so much to love in this kitchen by Alys Designs that we have to share it in two different photos. This glimpse shows off the wood wrapped range hood.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen

The second photo of this cute kitchen by Alys Designs features a herringbone tile floor, vintage cabinetry, and open shelving made of reclaimed wood. We particularly heart the midcentury apple sign that adds a pop of color.

Period Lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen

When it comes to modern farmhouse style, period-inspired lighting is a must-have. This gorgeous kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors features three different examples.

How to Set up a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

This modern farmhouse kitchen by AKA Designs keeps function top of mind with separate zones created for different purposes. For instance, the food prep area features a spice rack and crate filled with cooking utensils. There’s also a coffee station with everything needed to get brewing.

Wood Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen

Wood floors are a modern farmhouse staple. In homes with open floor plans like this one designed and built by AK Construction, continuous wood flooring that includes the kitchen improves visual flow. Another brilliant idea worth stealing from this house is the barn-inspired pantry door (on the right).


Farmhouse Kitchen

Shiplap adds a dash of rustic charm — not to mention interesting texture — to a modern farmhouse kitchen. In this cooking space designed by J. Robin Interiors, white shiplap covers both the ceiling and the wall over the upper cabinets.

Decorative Wood Braces

Farmhouse Kitchen

The island in this transitional kitchen designed by Taryn Emerson incorporates one of our favorite hallmarks of modern farmhouse style: X brace supports. Here, the decorative accents help to carry the weight of the countertop.

Mix Metals

Farmhouse Kitchen

Don’t be afraid to mix metals in the kitchen. This ​stylish cooking space by The Style Nest Blog does just that — and it looks great!

Eclectic Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen

This chic farmhouse inspired kitchen by Blakes London throws matchy-matchy decorating ideas out of the window. The cooking space features contemporary two-toned cabinetry and mismatched dining chairs.

Warm Wood Accents

Farmhouse Kitchen

RIch wood accents like the X braces, open shelving, and range hood warm up this white kitchen designed by Sita Montgomery Interiors.

Bold Pendant Lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen

Bold pendant lighting is a stylish necessity in a farmhouse inspired kitchen. The fixtures in this cooking space designed by House of Jade Interiors, bring beauty and function to the table.

White Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

When it comes to enduring style, white kitchens win. This modern farmhouse example by 1111 Light Lane was created on a tight budget using IKEA cabinets.

Copper Industrial Accents

Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen by Plus Rooms puts an urban twist on the contemporary farmhouse look by combining reclaimed parquet flooring, upcycled wood boards, and copper pipework. The result is a one-of-a-kind cooking space that’s thoroughly modern.

Fixer Upper

Farmhouse Kitchen

Pinterest inspired the design for this kitchen remodeled by Jen Homes. The first detail purchased was the free-standing kitchen island. Another key ingredient for achieving the modern farmhouse look is the ceramic apron-front kitchen. The vintage hardware for the brand-new cabinets came from eBay. Our favorite feature is the pantry door purchased at a salvage auction for only $80.

Kitchen Cabinet Color

Farmhouse Kitchen

For those who crave a cheerful jolt of color in their kitchen, we can’t think of a better shade than lemon yellow. This farmhouse inspired cooking space by Alys Designs combines colorful cabinetry with shiplap walls.

Modern Rustic

Farmhouse Kitchen

This beautiful cooking space by Jennifer Bunsa Design Studio is a gorgeous mash-up of vintage and contemporary pieces including rustic furniture, modern cabinetry, and patterned tile.

DIY Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Any do-it-yourselfer can give their kitchen some modern farmhouse flavor. This rustic cooking space by Simply Kierste features DIY barn doors and homemade bench.

Retro Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

This charming kitchen by Obelisk Home is full of retro style. Black cabinetry flatters the white subway tile. Rustic wood shelves provide extra storage space. Red metal counter stools add some colorful spice.

Colorful Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse Kitchen

Somewhere in Los Angeles, you’ll find this colorful modern farmhouse designed by Alison Kandler Interior Design. The home’s transitional kitchen features a rustic kitchen island with a distressed faux finish, vintage pantry door painted yellow, and two gorgeous glass globe pendants lights.

Rustic Textures

Farmhouse Kitchen

Transform your boring white kitchen on the cheap by adding rustic texture. The distressed brick backsplash in this farmhouse kitchen by Blesser House is, in fact, vinyl wallpaper. The eating counter was countrified using peel and stick wood planks. Notice the industrial-inspired pendants lights? They cost less than $10 to make.

Bright and Warm

Farmhouse Kitchen

Here’s a stunning modern farmhouse kitchen by Studio McGee. Authentic barn beams bring the country while conical drum pendant lights add an urban edge

Nordic Style

Farmhouse Kitchen

Fans of Scandi décor will appreciate this crisp, white kitchen by House Seven that puts a Nordic twist on farmhouse style.

Patterned Floor Tiles


If you’re looking to create a farmhouse inspired kitchen that doesn’t feel overly countrified, behold this lovely cooking space by Studio McGee. The main ingredients for this stylish recipe are simple cabinetry in a standout shade, showstopping floor tiles, and stylish task lighting.

Corrugated Steel


We worship ideas that conceal ugly. Corrugated metal panels hide the popcorn ceiling in this farmhouse styled kitchen remodeled by Tootie Trouy.

Beadboard Paneling


Beadboard is another traditional material found in farmhouse inspired homes. In this kitchen updated by Red Cottage Chronicles beadboard paneling refreshed the old cabinets.

Casual Elegance


This lovely modern farmhouse kitchen by Heidi Caillier mixes metals, textures, and colors to create a sophisticated space that’s very approachable.

Multi-Pane Windows

Farmhouse-kitchen-wood floor

From the ample counter space to luxurious appliances there’s plenty to love in this contemporary kitchen by Kaminski Construction. We’re particularly fond of the multi-pane glass windows that add an extra dash of farmhouse charm.

Lovely Small Kitchen

country cottage kitchen

It’s possible to pack a lot of farmhouse style into a small kitchen. A, for instance, is this cooking space designed by Nicola O’Mara that combines beautiful shaker cabinetry with luxurious marble countertops.

Farmhouse Loft


Butcher block countertops, white subway tile and a kitchen island covered with reclaimed wood all bring farmhouse style to this urban loft by ALL & NXHING.

Butcher Block


Shiplap, black cabinets, and butcher block countertops are the winning combination in this simple farmhouse inspired kitchen featured on Maison de Pax.

Beadboard Ceiling

beadboard ceiling kitchen

Don’t let your ugly kitchen ceiling cramp your farmhouse style. A quick fix is beadboard wallpaper as shown in this space by Rooms for Rent.

Refresh With Paint


The shiplap and brick in this kitchen by Nicole Dingle came with the house. To freshen things up she painted it all white. Afterward, she added wood shelves and installed custom cabinets.

Retro Flooring


Here’s a modern farmhouse kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors that proves you don’t have to blow your retirement account to install new flooring. Instead of going with hardwood, the designer chose affordable, commercial grade vinyl tile.

Copper Sink


We mentioned earlier that one of the hallmarks of modern farmhouse style is a ceramic apron-front sink. This white cooking space by Christina Adventures mixes things up with a copper version.

Kitchen Wall Art


If you practically live in your kitchen, consider spicing up your walls with art. This farmhouse inspired kitchen by The White Buffalo Styling Company turns a range hood into a focal point with a rustic painting.

Cover Cabinet Panels with Fabric


Skirted cabinets are a country kitchen staple. This modern farmhouse kitchen by Crisp Architects puts a new spin on the idea by using fabric to cover the island’s cut out panels.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas


Add a little farmhouse style to your urban apartment. This cooking space by ​Sarah Richardson Design pairs a contemporary herringbone backsplash with a kitchen island covered with reclaimed wood.

Dream Kitchen


This picture perfect residential kitchen by Crisp Architects blends farmhouse elements such as shiplap with commercial grade appliances.

Black Subway Tile


Black subway tile gives this farmhouse styled kitchen by Richardson Architects a contemporary edge.

Brick Backsplash


The brick backsplash in this contemporary farmhouse kitchen by Redhead Can Decorate gives the space some rustic flare.

Rustic Cabinet Panels


Wood cabinet panels and a white brick backsplash are the heart and soul of this farmhouse inspired kitchen by Blakes London. We appreciate the long wood shelves that create extra storage space.

Cabinet Glazing


Warm up bright white cabinets with a rustic finish. After giving the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint in this farmhouse inspired kitchen remodeled by The Ragged Wren, the surfaces were given a warm distressed look using a glaze.

Tin Ceiling Tiles


If you want to dress up your ceiling but wood beans are out of the question, consider tin tiles. While the ones in this kitchen updated by Brandi Sawyer are an original home feature, you can find similar tiles made of metal or vinyl at many home improvement stores.

Terra-Cotta Tile

Farmhouse Kitchen

The next biggest flooring trend, as seen in this farmhouse inspired kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors just may be terra-cotta floor tiles.

Moroccan Tiles

Farmhouse Kitchen

When it comes to decorating, don’t be afraid to mix things up. This small apartment kitchen by 3 Lights Design combines Moroccan inspired décor with modern farmhouse style.

Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen

We’re smitten with this Scandi inspired cooking space by Heidi Caillier. The room features items found in many farmhouses inspired kitchens including shaker cabinets, industrial-inspired task lighting, and of course, wood flooring.


30 Home Decorating Trends to Try in 2018

We love pouring over the latest décor trends, so we know it is easy to buy into buzzy choices that made you cringe a few years later. So how do you avoid dropping serious cash on the next sponge painted wall or worse, avocado appliance? To help you future-proof your décor, we separated the best bets from the faddish by naming the best decorating trends worth trying in 2018.

The Best Home Decor Trends

Home Decorating Trends

Moody Interior Paint Colors

Home Decorating Trends

Yes, white walls are timeless, but if you have grown tired of your all-white interior, perhaps it is time to go much darker.

One of our favorite interior paint colors of the year is called Black Flame — a beautiful blend of navy and black that puts the spotlight on décor just like white walls.

A gorgeous example is this space we cannot stop looking at on The Interiors Edit. To keep a room from feeling too moody, we suggest using the color in sun-drenched areas.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Home Decorating Trends

Two-toned kitchen cabinets have been growing in popularity, but the trend has evolved by incorporating bleached wood with a vibrant paint color as shown in this modern farmhouse kitchen by Blakes London.

Geometric Decor

Home Decorating Trends

Geometric accents are getting bolder and more colorful. For the adventuresome, one of our favorite ways to add geometry to a home is with a chromatic accent wall as shown in this splashy living room by Emily Lister Interiors.

Decorative Fringe

Home Decorating Trends

Fringe trim is a flirty touch typically reserved for blankets, pillows, and rugs. But now the fringy goodness does not end there. You can expect furniture, light fixtures, and even mirrors as shown in this lovely entryway by Studio Lifestyle​, to be sporting decorative fringe or sculptural fibers.

Colorful Kitchens

Home Decorating Trends

Adding a big dose of color to a cooking space is the next big thing when it comes to giving neutral kitchens a more personal twist.

In this granny flat designed by Vidal Design Collaborative, a lavender kitchen island spices things up.

Warm Color Schemes

Home Decorating Trends
Home Decorating Trends

Minimalism still rules. But to make spaces like these feel more inviting cool color schemes are being edged out by earthy brown hues as shown in this Paris apartment decorated by Marion Alberge.

Stone Sinks

Home Decorating Trends

If you are updating your kitchen, you may want to rethink that stainless steel or white ceramic sink. A stone sink brings organic appeal with a dash of old-world style to contemporary cooking spaces.

A stunning for instance is this soapstone sink in a kitchen designed by JAS Design Build. No worries about cleaning because soapstone stands up to most household cleaners.


Velvet Furniture

Home Decorating Trends

Updating a room with velvet furniture is an elegant way to transition your décor to 2018. This living room by Domus Nova gets it right with velvet sofas in two of the year’s favorite hues: purple and fuschia.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Home Decorating Trends

Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is not a new thing, but now people are expressing their individuality at home by wallpapering their ceilings. Our favorite example is this New York City micro apartment featured on 6sqft.

Vintage Lighting

Home Decorating Trends

The modern farmhouse trend is driving the craving for vintage lighting. But we are not talking about Edison bulbs. These days old-timey copper pendants are in demand particularly in places where task lighting is needed like over this kitchen island by Blakes London.

Concrete Fireplace

Home Decorating Trends

Concrete is no longer a humble building material. Built-in features like this chic concrete fireplace by Sharon Taftian Interior Design meld practical function with enduring style.

Concrete Furniture

Home Decorating Trends

There are more ways concrete will be popping up in homes in the form of decorative features from DIY countertops to stone-like furniture. In this living room spotted on Fantastic Frank, a concrete top coffee table adds cool, industrial style.

Trough Sink

Trough sinks

Trough sinks are becoming a must in spaces where bigger basins make getting things clean more manageable in shared bathrooms or laundry rooms. Case in point, this family style washroom by Godrich Interiors.

Minimalist Bedroom

peaceful minimalistic bedrooms

Bedrooms will be meant for sleeping and not for watching Netflix or falling into the social media rabbit hole. To make the place where you rest more relaxing stick to a minimalist-themed space in neutral colors as shown in this bedroom by interior designer Marion AlBerge. To get you into the sleep zone faster, top off your bed with luxuriously soft sheets and extra cozy knitted blankets.

Geometric Tile

Geometric backsplash

Move over white subway tile because monochromatic backsplashes will be getting more intricate with bold, geometric patterns. In this kitchen we caught a glimpse of on ACME RE, black, triangle-shaped tiles turn a backsplash into an eye-popping feature wall.

Sun Bleached Wood


The weathered gray wood trend is officially dead. These days sun-bleached wood in soothing brown tones is quickly becoming the overall favorite.

Here, sun-bleached wood cabinets bring warmth and texture to this ​living room seen on IKEA Ideas.

Natural Furnishing

Home Decorating Trends

And speaking of wood, technology overload may be driving you to crave more natural elements throughout your home. If that is the case, consider surrounding yourself with wooden pieces that are both pragmatic and stylish like these rugged bar stools and live edge wood countertop shown in this kitchen by The Novogratz.

Bold Colors

bolder pops of color

Pops of intense hues will be making life at home more colorful. This splashy sofa in a room by Sally Wheat Interiors takes the edge of the black walls with bursts of bold color.

Wabi-Sabi Style

wabi sabi decor mindset

It is finally time to stop obsessing over your home décor by embracing wabi-sabi style. It is a philosophy with roots in Japan that finds beauty in simple, natural things that are imperfect and timeworn. In this welcoming home by Jute, woven items including baskets and shelves made from fibrous materials add a comforting, wabi-sabi touch.

Vintage Brass Fixtures

vintage brass fixtures

Polished brass fixtures from faucets to lighting have been trendy for quite some time, but now these shiny accessories are starting to look stale or worse, cheap. To freshen things up consider vintage brass accents with a pretty patina. The timeworn fixtures in this powder room by Vidal Design Collaborative add plenty of character.

Red Furniture

Crimson sofa gray kitchen

Warm color schemes are having a big moment, so now is the time to spice up your cool-toned décor with something red. In this apartment by LLI Design, a crimson sofa offsets the gray kitchen.

Terrazzo is the New Marble


Yes, marble is king because it is both sophisticated and classic. But soon the favorite stone may be dethroned by colorful terrazzo. It is a durable composite material that just like marble is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and floors. Even better, terrazzo is available in an unlimited range of drool-worthy colors.

This colorful kitchen by Dzek features a proprietary terrazzo called Marmoreal.

Metallic Home Decor


Metallics are taking center stage as shimmery furniture or lustrous wallpaper that anchors a space. This hand-painted floral wallpaper by Graham Brown is a pitch-perfect case that adds shine and sparkle to a small living room.

Pleasant Pink

Home Decorating Trends

Move over millennial pink and rose quartz, there is a new pale, blush color to consider and it is called pleasant pink. As shown in the studio apartment by Varpunen the shade is a dusty take on the first mentioned hues.

Neutral Blue

Home Decorating Trends

While white walls are timeless, they can feel monotonous. That is why our ears pricked up when we heard about the hottest paint color, neutral blue. The shade is a beautiful blend of blue and gray. In this charming living room by Vidal Design Collaborative, the refreshing wall color evokes a peaceful feeling.

Live Like a Swede

Home Decorating Trends

Lagom is a lifestyle concept from Sweden, which focuses on living with less stress by striking the right balance in every aspect of life. Using beautiful greenery to add a calming and peaceful vibe to your home as shown in this space by Alvhem Makleri is 100 percent aligned with the Lagom philosophy.

Mustard Yellow Accents

Home Decorating Trends

Another warm color for enlivening décor is mustard yellow. Here a chair in one of the hues of the year perks up a living room in a Paris apartment by interior designer Marion Alberge.

Mini Subway Tile

Home Decorating Trends

Mini subway tiles are reversing the large-format wall tile trend with fun-size styles that start at around two inches wide.

Diminutive tiles like these are ideal for small spaces like this tiny kitchen featured on Fantastic Frank where standard-size subway tiles may feel overwhelming.

Iridescent Accents

Home Decorating Trends

Iridescent accents will be brightening our homes with lustrous colors. Tiny tiles in pearly shades as shown in this bathroom photographed by Muy Yum is a pretty way to incorporate this mermaid-inspired trend.


70+ Contemporary Exterior Design Photos

Exterior Design

Exterior Design | I’ve seen a lot off homeowners emphasize their contemporary home design and maximize their living room. Well, to break the common assumption, the contemporary design is actually starting from the exterior.

The concept of contemporary exterior is considered as modern design in architectural focuses. This is the idea of the trendiest matter. But it is possible to add older elements as far as they are suitable for all times. The important point is that the design should be based on the purpose.

contemporary exterior design and photos

contemporary exterior natural view

contemporary exterior ideas photo
Exterior Design

contemporary exterior ideas photos

contemporary exterior ideas pictures

Amazing Contemporary Home Exterior Design

Amazing Contemporary Home Exterior Design Ideas

Contemporary Style Home Ideas

Architecture Art Contemporary Designs

For instance, you can see the contemporary doors tend to be simple in design. When talking about contemporary, you can not avoid the clean lines and simple. But with this, it does not mean they can not be attractive. Since it is simple, you can also paint the contemporary exterior design by patterns or prints, depending on the purpose of the door itself.

Architecture Art Designs

Modern bungalows exterior designs photos

Modern bungalows exterior designs ideas

Modern bungalows exterior designs pictures

Modern bungalows exterior designs

Modern bungalows exterior designs Inspiration

Modern House

Exterior Designs of Modern Homes

Exterior Designs of Modern Homes for Amazing Design

Contemporary Exterior

Modern home exterior


Home Exterior Designs

Pictures Gallery Contemporay Exterior Design

Photo Gallery Contemporay Design

Photo Gallery Contemporay Exterior Design

Speaking about contemporary exterior design, you will have much more flexibility on the outside with painting. You have the ability to control the flow of your overall house. When choosing external elements, keep in mind that it will be influencing the interior. Tastes are different. Some would choose industrial fence as their contemporary exterior design while the others choose wooden materials. Then of course you have your personal taste too. The concept is that all exterior elements are installed for a purpose.

Photo Gallery Exterior Design

Exterior design ideas Pictures

Contemporary Outdoor Space Photos

Modern Home Design Ideas

Modern Home Design Photos

Modern Home Design Pictures

Modern Design Pictures

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas, Modern Design Pictures

Exterior Contemporary Homes

Modern Homes

Exterior Design Ideas and Pictures

Exterior Design Ideas and Photos

Exterior Design Ideas

Inspirational Contemporary Home Decor

Since contemporary homes tend to be smaller in nature (mostly), simple look of contemporary exterior design is also important. The idea here is to make smaller spaces feel more open. Contemporary elements like doors, fence, lamps, and others come in all styles. You can pick from varied materials such as woods, secure metals, etc.

Inspirational Contemporary Home Design

Inspirational Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Inspirational Contemporary Home Design Ideas and Photos

Modern Design

Modern Exterior

Modern Exterior Design

Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Modern Exterior Design Ideas, Pictures

Modern Exterior Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Contemporary Exterior Design Ideas, Pictures

beautiful contemporary exterior design

contemporary exterior design inspiration

awesome exterior design

amazing exterior design

beautiful exterior design

Contemporary exterior design is simple choice for folks looking for minimalistic aspect to their home, adding a purpose to the house. The elegant contemporary design works well with modern spaces.

exterior design photo

exterior design images

exterior design pictures

exterior design photos

exterior design

contemporary exterior design ideas

contemporary exterior design pictures collection

contemporary exterior design pictures

contemporary exterior design photos inspiration

contemporary exterior design photos
Exterior Design

50+ Stunning Modern Home Exterior Designs


Design blogs are filled with countless ideas for interiors. What about ideas for your exterior? How are you planning to envelop your home? Where will your main view look out to, your patio be awash with the smell of, and what will you drive up to at the end of each day? These fifty home exteriors show what it means to have a modern-looking façade. Using combinations of timber, plaster, bamboo, glass and concrete, they shoot up straight in large vertical panels, slither into long horizontal levels, and criss-cross with the forest and palm trees in a myriad of natural settings. Pick your favourite from our top fifty exteriors for yourself.



70+ Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas For The Heart Of Your Home

70+ Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas For The Heart Of Your Home

The heart of the home, the kitchen is easily the most-used room in the house. From hosting parties and entertaining guests, to family meal times and helping children with homework, the kitchen fulfils a number of purposes. So it makes sense to incorporate practical, stylish interiors that stand the test of time into this multi-functional space.

However, when creating a kitchen there are lots of elements to think about. Is there enough storage? Where will you put the appliances? Have you chosen the correct lighting? But more importantly, what sort of design suits you and your family? We spend 12% of our lives in the kitchen, beaten only by the bedroom, so it’s crucial the kitchen works both practically and aesthetically for our lives.

To make the task of a kitchen refurbishment a little less daunting, we have asked a number of interior experts and influencers to share their favourite kitchen designs with The LuxPad. From contemporary and modern designs to rustic and Scandinavian trends, here are 77 beautiful kitchen design ideas that will help you create the perfect heart to your home.

Classic Contemporary

kitchen design ideas

Humphrey Munson, Kitchen Designers

The scale of the kitchen in the Ashurst House project is quite staggering – it encompasses the open plan kitchen, dining area in the orangery, scullery, walk-in larder and a boot room. We love the simplicity of the design and how it really captures that quintessentially classic English style but most importantly, it suits the family’s needs perfectly. They love to entertain so having the scullery tucked around the corner is perfect for parties in the open plan space.

kitchen design ideas

I absolutely love the style of this kitchen mainly because it embodies many of my favourite design elements. I am a huge fan of the two toned colours used on the cabinetry as this allows for depth but also adds brightness to the space. I particularly love the brass accents which contrast the classic styled cabinetry, balancing old and new. The mix of natural materials used to finish off this kitchen like white marble countertops, wooden objects (stools & cutting boards) and the copper canisters turn this kitchen into a clean and contemporary space with an organic feel!



Grant Pierrus, Interior Blogger

This is my favourite kitchen as everyone can get a lot of inspiration from it. It’s a simple contemporary design, and really easy to achieve. The bold use of blue on the walls and cabinets help to create a unified backdrop which highlights the marble accessories and large white farmhouse sink. Simple, bold and functional spaces really are my favourite.



Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves, Interior Blogger

This is my favourite kitchen style as it lends itself to the utilitarian functionality of the space without compromising one little bit on style. There are many ways that you can incorporate this style into your home. Adding a chalkboard wall, wire shelves, bistro chairs or encaustic tiles. I have always been a fan of white subway tiles but using grey grout really gives you that bistro edge. You can soften the look by displaying cookery books on chunky wooden shelves and framing children’s artwork. If the budget allows top it off with a colourful 50s style fridge, I want mine to be mint green.

kitchen design ideas


Claire Garner, Interior Designer

Typically kitchens, without the right treatment, can be cold and clinical spaces, but the warmth of the beautiful oak in this kitchen counteracts this. The chalky, but confident wall colour helps create a cosy feeling, while the paler units help keep the room light.
The fabric shade pendants above the central island have been added to soften the space, and the artwork above the Aga adds character and personality to the space.
The overall look is elegant but relaxed – its sociable layout allows for practical family living – something that I am often asked for by my clients.



Jesse Audubey, Interior Blogger

I love everything about this kitchen: the subdued palette of white and grey which helps the light bounce around to give some breadth to the room, and the marble backsplash wall that successfully frames the space. The simple and functional design of the white kitchen elements almost makes them fade into the background while providing plenty of storage space and leaving centre stage to this gorgeous statement dining table in a 1960s style. To me, this is a wonderfully serene room, minimal in its aesthetic and clutter-free but also warm and inviting, with the nod to nature of these wooden retro chairs complete with wood grain, and the tan and green accents conveyed by the carefully picked homewares, fruits, vegetables and plants.
Kitchen design by Marie-Laure Helmkampf, photographed by Nicolas Matheus



Mary Middleton, Interior Blogger

I’ve always had a soft spot for painted kitchens as they really offer longevity in my opinion, because when you’ve gone off that perfect ‘of the moment’ colour you can repaint the cabinets and give your kitchen a whole new lease of life. Especially if you change up the hardware and maybe the backsplashes too. This bespoke kitchen is masquerading its modern technology behind traditional hand painted cabinetry. It’s making a really contemporary statement though with the inky dark paint choice, painted in Off Black by Farrow & Ball. For those of us beyond the ‘roommate’ years, we tend to make the kitchen the heart of the house. Being able to cook and socialise with friends and family at the same time is a big desire if your kitchen is large enough. It’s why kitchen islands are so in demand and so enjoyable if you have them, this island increases its sociable charm by having an integrated wine fridge. Teamed with large format stone flooring with under floor heating, a traditional Aga and a beautiful oak beam this kitchen shows its cosy side too. It’s not that exciting to have to consider durability when you’re designing a space but when it comes to designing your kitchen it’s of paramount importance, as kitchens are usually big ticket purchases in your home.


Kim Stephen, Interior Designer

We designed this kitchen with family living in mind, whilst not forsaking bold style. It fills one end of a large open-plan living, dining and kitchen area in a home in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a kitchen that works hard for a large family so had to be functional, but it also forms part of a glamorous space so had to tick that box too. The cabinets are painted in a colour appropriately called Monsoon Lagoon and the deep hue is balanced against the white terrazzo floors and Carrara marble splashback.  In order to avoid the cabinetry being visually overwhelming, I added the collection of white clay urns to bring some lightness to the upper cabinets. The oval curve of the island allowed me to create maximum surface space whilst still allowing for easy passing in what is quite a narrow space. The black Smeg fridge and the Hicks Pendants, both with brass detailing, really pulled together the look and balanced all of the green.


This kitchen was designed for a London flat owned by a couple that live abroad. It’s a relatively smaller space than they were used to, compared to their home, so I wanted to give it a light and airy feeling.  The chandelier can be viewed from the living room through the kitchen hatch, so it was important that we put a statement piece in that position.  For both the feeling of space as well as the fact we needed the chandelier to be the star of the show, we chose very simple cabinetry in a warm white, with tiny brass knobs. It really works and the owner loves being in this space during her London visits.




Fabrice Bana, Interior Blogger

Whilst it has to be said this kitchen doesn’t look like the archetypal kitchen used on a daily basis by a busy family or a Domestic Goddess, this small, no-nonsense galley kitchen designed by and belonging to Jean-Louis Deniot is impactful and rather ravishing. The simple, modern cabinetry with its bespoke handles and knobs is bejewelled with hammered brass which gives the room a warm, sexy glow and slightly distorted reflection. The grey and off-white marble on the walls, work surfaces and the floor gently balances out the room anchored by the vintage ceiling light. The result is fresh, elegant, practical; this room proves to show metallics can be used in a kitchen and are not necessarily cold.

Black Diamond Candlestick



Jenny Kakoudakis, Interior Blogger

Meant as a gathering place for its restaurateur owner and mother of five, Ali Cayne, this eclectic space is found within a New York townhouse. I have chosen it as it combines elements of style and functionality in equal measure. The Lacanche cooker and hood in black and brass and the marble worktops are jaw dropping features. The walls are covered in white “metro” tiles framed in black grout, something we don’t see often and which I feel will look clean and new for longer. I love the grey-blue cabinets with brass pull handles (an easy update for any shaker style kitchen) as well as the open shelving around the room which is a great way to show off stylish collections of crockery while making everything readily accessible. The black Tolix bar stools make the place look less formal.

kitchen design ideas


Kimberly Duran, Interior Blogger

Christine Dovey’s glamorous white marble and gold kitchen is definitely my favourite kitchen of all time. The white marble paired with gold accents creates a vintage and yet, totally contemporary space and it’s unashamedly feminine. The ornate vintage lighting and subtle pale pink touches are just the stylish cherries on top and I love every inch of its glamorous look. I’d trade kitchens with her in a heartbeat!



Typhanie Peterson, Textile Designer and Interior Decorator

It’s hard to create an elegant open kitchen in a small space but I know that with the right planning and equipment the task can be accomplished. This tiny kitchen fits snugly into a 750sqft Manhattan apartment. I love the use of the light wall and cabinetry colours mixed with just a pop of bold colour in a modern print. This kitchen gives new life to the words form and function. One great tip to take away from this kitchen design is the use of refrigerator and freezer drawers. If you don’t need a full-size refrigerator it is always a great idea to look for ways to downsize.



Emilie Jacob, Interior Blogger

I first stumbled upon interior design Athena Caldernone’s kitchen in Harpers Bazaar a couple of years ago and since then it’s been cropping up pretty much everywhere; magazines, blogs, interiors books…. And no wonder, it’s literally a piece of art (like the rest of her Brooklyn pad!). Calderone is the brain behind the fabulous blog Eye Swoon, a destination for all things design and food. And swooning, I certainly am!
On paper, this is not a kitchen I’d be normally drawn to. I have a penchant for splashes of neon colours in interiors, and this room has none. But somehow I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s all in the little details: the brass contouring the cabinetry and lining these incredible Thomas O’Brien pendant lights; the beautiful marble countertop; the wooden stools and panels, the slightly different shades of bluish-grey effortlessly juxtapose. Who knew you could fall in love with a tone-on-tone kitchen?

kitchen design ideas


Molly Costello, Interior Blogger

Scandi chic is all about simplicity and functionality with an understated beauty, and this kitchen is a perfect example. Its white tiles, marble worktops and cool green wooden units with leather pulls make for a clean and uncluttered look, but without being sterile. Beauty shines through in its truth to materials aesthetic, and the use of classic elements such as the wooden pedestal table with Thonet chairs. Metal accents add a touch of elegance – the brass mixer tap, and oh, what a chandelier! Combining minimalism and glamour, this has to be my perfect kitchen.



Jane Eve Anderson, Interior Stylist

I love this Buster and Punch Kitchen which is showcased on their website under their Mews Flat project. We have used these great cabinet handles in one of our recent projects which just gives an overall stylish finish. I am also a huge fan of grey painted cabinetry contrasting with the light marble worktops. Plenty of storage is essential in a well-functioning kitchen and these double height cupboards do exactly that. A lovely elegant kitchen perfect for a family or a bachelor.


Photography: Tim Stephens

Dominic Coleman, Interior Designer

The brief here was to create a modern kitchen with a traditional heart. To achieve this, KIBRE designed the kitchen in-house. The contrast of modern bold veined marble, un-lacquered brass handles and a warm grey palette on deep panelled doors created a beautiful juxtaposition, an individual space.



Kris Turnbull, Interior Designer

You can’t deny the beauty of marble. By the use of tonal neutrals, the heart of the home still promotes a cosy and welcoming feeling. You can set apart the island and kitchen table from each other by applying different lighting features above or with contrasting flower arrangements.



Phillip McCaskill, Interiors Matter

This is a modern, classic kitchen that goes beyond traditional kitchen design. Removing a wall dividing the kitchen and dining room creates a more social and free-flowing space. In this large kitchen, it was possible to eliminate wall storage on the window side of the room. Tiling the entire wall in hand-made tiles lends a soft texture and bounces even more light around. An island between the galley kitchen and the sitting area links the spaces, providing a casual spot for eating and socialising. Natural colours with warm grey tones have been used along with a touch of classic navy blue. A navy blue linen roman blind adds additional texture and provides a striking backdrop to the Original BTC pendant lights over the sink. It’s a light-filled and inviting family kitchen that combines functional ease with traditional comforts.



Susan Gillespie, Interior Designer

Kitchens with combined living space have been common practice in interiors for many years and we as a design practice continue to promote this. These spaces require a significant amount of clever design to turn them into a cohesive space that fulfils various functions.

To make this space work, a lot of elements must be provided for, such as cooking, chilling, prep work, storage, cleaning, casual dining, formal dining and relaxing. Within each of these areas, ease of access and movement are crucial.

As a company, we start by looking at the client’s living circumstances and relations and how they would like this space to surround these relationships. We then wrap it up in an aesthetic suitable for the client and the building environment. We believe if a space functions well, it enhances the people using it and with this storage is key. The time old mantra rings true – ‘a place for everything and everything in its place.’

At present, we love utilising full wall height for storage along with brass detailing. We also love both pale and dark understated worktops in a new chic pared back industrial styling – using natural finishes, wood, stone and brass to create this moody look. For those not ready to embrace this, a fresh simple door detail may be the way forward. Team this with a pale worktop, clean lines and sharp-edged brass handles and fittings for a finish with longevity.


kitchen design ideas


Gudy Herder, Interior Design & Trend Consulting

Who does not fancy a kitchen with (such) a view? What I particularly love about this image is the mix of contemporary feel, underlined through the black furniture design, steel frame windows and minimal distribution, and at the same time, the rustic vibe due to the timber walls and flooring. It gives it a sophisticated yet warm look and feel.
I believe this kitchen to be pretty timeless when installed in a Scandinavian country since black is a pretty common colour in interior design.
When to comes to personal style, a few plants on the window sill would make it a perfect set up for me bringing the outdoors inside creating a link to what seems a wonderful nature environment.




Ciara Rees, Interior Designer

A kitchen should be practical and welcoming, regardless of the size. This is why I love this kitchen. It’s taken on contemporary trends of industrial and neutral tones, while holding on to a warm essence. The open shelving creates a relaxed atmosphere and the stools at the rustic island are great for casual dining. The use of mood lighting over the island and task lighting over the kitchen units creates a great balance. The natural light from the clerestory wall softly illuminates the entire space. I can picture myself sitting at the island, glass of wine in hand and snacking on some warm, crusty bread. Ah, bliss!



Emma Harris, Interior Blogger

I would say that this is the ultimate timeless kitchen; it is classic in design but nods to many different periods. The colour of the cabinets is modern, but the old rustic wooden table and pendant light combine well with it, for the perfect eclectic mix. I am also a big fan of using artwork in the kitchen, and for me, the oil painting is what gives this warm, country kitchen a bit of an edge.



Abi Dare, Interior Blogger

For me, this kitchen is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary. It’s light, bright and clean-lined, with a dash of Scandinavian simplicity, and I love the striking contrast between the sleek white units and the wooden worktops. The open shelves allow plenty of scope for adding personality through crockery, ceramics or plants; what’s more, you can change the display to suit your mood or the season, creating a whole new look in minutes. I can see the kitchen as a whole working well in all sorts of settings, from country cottages to modern townhouses.



Kate Monckton, Interior Designer

I like the idea of including modern design within a period property. The architectural slabs of marble that wrap around the wooden body of the kitchen island work well against the backdrop of the farmhouse interior.



Jess Warner, Interior Blogger

We are currently in the process of extending our home with the main focus being the family kitchen – with five boys we need plenty of space, fridges and dishwashers! I love space for a huge table – somewhere everyone can gather for meals, perch for natters with friends, a place to work on my laptop and for the kids to get creative – a true home hub. The most important factors for me when it comes to a kitchen are light, comfort and simplicity.

I love this kitchen/diner as it incorporates my love for family-friendly monochrome and Scandinavian design; a clean, simple space without being clinical or severe, with wooden surfaces coupled with the matt black bringing a softer dimension to the glossy white tiling and industrial-chic exposed bulbs.




Heather Milner, Interior Blogger

I am really drawn to the simplicity and warmth of this kitchen. The handle-less units, white walls and painted floorboards are classically Scandinavian, but the putty colour of the kitchen and the natural wood and rattan details take it to another level completely. The marble worktops add a touch of luxury and the houseplants keep it feeling fresh. It somehow manages to be timeless and incredibly modern all at once.



Alessandra Barlassina, Interior Blogger

I love this kitchen because it is full of light and I can imagine a family living here: it is raw and easy, cosy and welcoming. White tiles, open shelves and simple lights. Everyone could do this with a really simple DIY. Everything is at your fingertips and organised. I love that there are plants too. You can pick some fresh rosemary while you’re cooking! I also love the soap bottles near the sink, I can imagine they are homemade!



Allan Torp, Interior Blogger

The Danish kitchen designs haven’t shown much innovation within the last years. We tend to stick with the clean white surfaces. I have to admit, I would love to see more Arabian spring and a little less microwave revolution of food prepping, especially when it comes to the use of colour and materials.

Together with Norm Architects Danish Reform have revolutionised the Ikea kitchen, by hacking the front, transforming the boring white kitchen to a new updated eye-catching to-die-for kitchen. The kitchen is simple but very exclusive in its timeless design. Carrying no handles, it presents a table top covering the entire surface and adding to it an exquisite finish – like the best design furniture. The materials, which have seldom been used in kitchens, give away a clean but raw expression. I am a huge fan!



Karen Knox, Interior Blogger

As soon as I saw this kitchen, my heart did the ‘flutter’. It encompasses many design elements I love – the ones that excite me. The mix of raw materials including concrete, blonde plywood and exposed brick add depth and texture. The cool monochrome colour scheme is made warm against the natural wood tones. The industrial, no faff lighting hangs above the sleek minimal line of the worktop and units whilst the enormous piece of art acts as a focal point without overpowering the space. The geometric tray and glass bottles punctuate the space with mid-century colour. That bit of detail every room needs. The materials, balance of the design, texture and colour scheme make me very happy indeed.



Catherine Lazure-Guinard, Interior Blogger

I love this kitchen by Swedish stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg. Mint green cabinets are a daring choice, but she nailed the look. It is fresh, clean, stylish and Scandinavian cool. Natural wood furnishings add warmth, while the marble countertop and backsplash provide a beautiful texture and a hint of elegance. The dark green bentwood chair is a great accent piece.



Agata Dimmich, Interior Stylist

While styling this home for my client, I realised how much I admire simple design and clean lines in a kitchen. Minimalism makes this space feel airy, bright and practical. I really like how the black and white colour palette has been paired up with wooden elements (for example a stool or kitchenware) to make the final look not only timeless but also warm and inviting.



Mette Jakobsen, Interior Blogger

I love how you can maximise the visual dimensions of a room with a basic decor scheme and a subtle use of colour. Black cabinets and white tiles are timeless. A lack of shelf space calls for storage solutions that go beyond the ordinary for a cluster of potted herbs and farm-fresh goodies. Therefore go for multi-functional pieces that are a must for tight spaces. Bar carts are so versatile because you can store items on the bottom shelves, use it as a table for dinnertime and transform it into a bar cart for entertaining, or, as here, a plant table.




Suna Interior Design

This bespoke kitchen, designed by Suna Interior Design has black built-in appliances and features such as the marble effect quartz worktops, a black wood-grain effect open dresser unit and concealed under-cabinet lighting – creating a striking combination. The interior design is quite moody and masculine with rich tones of gloss black kitchen cabinetry, walnut flooring and a marble splashback in the elegant kitchen.




Patricia Gray Interiors

We love how the Macassar ebony creates a dramatic backsplash and is used to frame the integrated fridge and plumbed coffee machine. Starphire glass is used as a backsplash behind the cooktop and the floating stainless steel shelf creates a convenient storage and display for dishes. Task lighting was also incorporated into the shelf. The mirrored wall above the shelf creates depth and reflects light. Corian countertops are used. We like to design kitchens with a 39” countertop height (against the standard 36” height) as we find this more ergonomic. Commercial grade appliances are by Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele and Asko. The island also features a warming drawer.



Natalia Alexandrou, Interior Blogger

I knew this kitchen would end up looking amazing before it was even built as my fiance was the architect and I watched the evolution of this handmade modern kitchen design. The natural light cascading from the roof lights onto the handmade wooden cabinets combined with clever LED backlighting within the kitchen units create a wonderfully bright and warm space. I love the partnership of the natural wood and grey-washed wood as well as the way the floating shelf merges into the cabinetry. The metal frame French doors block as little light as possible from the outside and make the most of that wonderful view.

kitchen design ideas


Anna Kovalchencko, Interior Blogger

Many people avoid using the colour blue in the kitchen as it is considered as an appetite suppressant. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is no scientific proof for that! Blue can be a fantastic and offbeat choice for a kitchen and this beautiful home on the photo just proves it. I really like this cool greyish hue picked by designers – together with warm yellow wood and brass, it looks very inviting and cosy.



Paul Moore, McCann Moore Architects

This is from a house we refurbished. I love the cool grey kitchen because it shows how monochrome comes alive. The picture window and pop of colour are a great foil to the grey doors, stone island and walnut seating area.



Alexandra Wilson, Interior Designer

Poggenpohl kitchens have got modern living down to a fine art.  As a designer, I love this scheme’s approach whereby the environment is addressed and is as important as the kitchen design, form and function.  This is a classic example where rustic meets state of the art.  The natural materials found within this space; raw timber truss structures and imposing earthy brick wall offer a complete contrast to the smooth matt poured concrete floor and stark white painted walls.  The streamlined simplicity of the kitchen island unit alone creates an abstract statement, allowing each element of the space to be appreciated – so simple, yet so effective!



James Gostelow, Interior Designer

Here we used different materials for each element of the kitchen, such as the marble work tops to bring life to the kitchen for a rich and textured look. The clever use of lighting brings brightness to the room and gives a feel of space, allowing you to walk freely around the centred island. This is the perfect example if you want a simple, contemporary look, which is both clean-looking and functional. The use of red for the stools and accessories brings a little bit of colour and fun to the kitchen.


Sallie Chater, Interior Designer

This kitchen was designed by Interiorsat58 for a client who wanted a very high-end and masculine look. We really love the combination of textures that ensures the kitchen feels warm, as well as fulfilling the client’s contemporary brief. A tiled floor just wouldn’t have given the same contrast, so this wood floor was selected for its warm tone, as well as its unusually large length and width which works really well in this generous open-plan space.

The units were kept simple and timeless so it’s the details that give the wow-factor to this design, such as the statement light fitting from Terzani, and the elegant leather chairs and stools from Bontempi. And of course the incredible wine fridge and quadruple oven, perfect for entertaining! The solid marble table from Bonaldo is also a real showstopper, it took six men to carry it up the stairs, but was well worth the effort – just make sure you add place mats to protect marble tables as they can stain.



Jude Burrows, Interior Designer

I love a mixture of finishes in a kitchen – it looks more personal and ‘softer’ than a whole bank of wall to wall matching units. Whilst a mix and match approach risks looking a bit too homespun, it is possible to create a chic, modern finish if you get the balance right. Using a contrasting finish on the island – as seen in these images where a limed oak wash was used – or with base cabinets different from wall cabinets, is a great way to introduce a daring colour or texture without it overpowering the whole room. Similarly, you can lift an otherwise moody colour scheme with some bright metallic accessories – seen here in the copper-topped barstools from Cox and Cox.




Kate Young, Interior Blogger

I spotted this kitchen on Pinterest and I was instantly smitten. Yes, it is on the small side but the owners have embraced its size and mixed function and style perfectly. The contrast of cold industrial shelving and concrete floors together with the rustic oversized wooden butcher’s block and mismatched furniture is just perfect. I love the eclectic unfitted style of it, (no kitchen rule book here!). The dark walls make for a dramatic backdrop and the whole space suddenly becomes exciting, inviting and cosy. Finally, a touch of glam with the chandelier just peering over the wall – spot on! This kitchen oozes personality and it is my kind of kitchen.




Zoe Dye, Interior Blogger

We have heard many a person say that the kitchen is the heart of a home and as cliche as it sounds, I don’t think it could be truer.  In a kitchen, I want a space that inspires me, somewhere that is lived in and this one is just that. It makes me want to cook and create meals for friends and family. I love light, colour, space and the feeling of relaxation. For me, this ticks every single box.



Claire Price, Interior Blogger

Practical, good looking with a sense of humour; I could just as easily be describing my dream man as my dream kitchen. This design has it all. It also works with the ‘anything goes’ approach to accessorising – which is the only kind I know. A mash up of vintage, modern, retro – all different pieces thrown together out of a general appreciation of loveliness, not because they match. I’ve got to have open shelves so that such treasures aren’t hidden away, and finally, plants are a new kitchen must for me. Love the colour palette and the art, especially the neon sign which I want for my own kitchen. It will say ‘cheese’, reminding us all to smile.



Susie Earlam, Interior Blogger

It’s probably the exact opposite of what most people would choose, but for me, its charm is in its lived-in appeal. This kitchen is old and worn but well-loved. There’s real personality in this kitchen; the history and lives of whoever lives in it are apparent from the bohemian nature of the collected items, such as the painting and the party hat.

I love it when people use the kitchen like any other room in the house, rather than some kind of sterile pristine environment. Sure, keep it clean, but decorate it with the same eye you use for the rest of the house. I love the amount of plants in this kitchen, it’s my aim to have a few more plants in my own.

This kitchen really works for me. It’s the vintage lighting, the crisp green chairs with the wooden floors and the white wall. All lit perfectly by that great large window.



Niki Brantmark, Interior Blogger

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. I, therefore, feel it should be homely and somewhere family and friends can feel relaxed. I love the mix of old and new and different styles in this space. Plus it has the most wonderful matt black wood floor – softened by a vintage Moroccan rug.



Helen Lord, Used Kitchen Exchange

If you have a wooden shaker kitchen that needs a new lease of life, statement handles coupled with an on-trend chalky paint finish can achieve an effortlessly contemporary look on a budget. Copper handles are a popular choice but don’t be afraid to try something a little different.




Odysseas Constantine, Interior Blogger

Every element has been thought out in this space, from the soft grey walls to the marble table. The gallery wall of Old Masters looks great but I would be tempted to swap them for contemporary pop-art to add some colour to the space and tie into the Mid-Century seating. We can’t all be blessed with double-height rooms but there are features to take inspiration from here, such as bringing art into the kitchen.



Martyn White, Interior Blogger

My favourite kitchen of all time has to be this gorgeous Parisian kitchen designed by Joseph Dirand. What I love about the design is that it shows us just what can be achieved in a limited space. There is no main colour; the design uses each material to its fullest potential, adding beautiful tones to the room through a mixture of finishes, textures and grains. Dirand has created a harmonious relationship in the design and nothing fights for attention. A characterful design that can be lived in and admired.


Hannah Russell, Interior Blogger

I love that people congregate in kitchens; they are places of warmth, love and (hopefully) delicious treats! That’s why I like kitchens that are integrated into the living space, and when I renovated my own home I chose a design for open-plan living, cooking and eating. I used pale greys, blues and whites to create the simple look, accented with lots of gold to keep things interesting. The faux-concrete kitchen cabinets are offset by softer colours in the living area, and I use antique Italian tiles as the heatproof mats to protect the white granite worktops. It’s where we spend most of our time and it works perfectly for us!


Gerard McGuickin, Design Writer

The utilitarian Vipp kitchen is a furniture concept that is composed of stainless steel modules. These modules or components are available in different sizes and can be amalgamated and configured according to an individual’s requirements. The kitchen is industrial, muscular and functional, with a form that is tactile and handsome. Its clever and confident design will thrill the most ardent chef, and ensure many years of thoughtful cooking.


Sarah Van Peteghem, Interior Blogger

I like the combination of the different grey cabinet colours in this kitchen in combination with the white subway tiles as a backdrop. The cabinets have very clean lines, which is contrasted a little bit with the way the lighting is hung above the sink. What I like the most about this kitchen though, is the big open area in front, which can fit a big table for family dinners, gatherings and morning coffees in front of the big windows.


Alex Carberry, Interior Designer

A woman after my own heart – during Beth Chapleau’s home renovation, Beth updated much of her kitchen by repainting the existing cabinets black and updating the hardware instead of gutting the entire room and starting new. The black and white cabinets balance each other so well, coupled with a walnut laminate countertop for a strong impact. Even though the design of this kitchen isn’t full of traditionally warm colours, Beth managed to create a sleek, yet cosy, and considered kitchen.


Eleni Psyllaki, Interior Blogger

Kitchens can very easily become cluttered and crammed with all the foods and preps continuously lying around. I love how clean and organised this kitchen looks. The abundant sleek cabinetry is more than enough to hide away all those bits and pieces while the white shade blends in with the white floor and wall for a seamless result. Also, the black and white contrast and the ample daylight that enters through the large window define the space and rest the eye.


Johan Hazenbroek, Interior Blogger

What I most like about this minimal kitchen is the fact it’s integrated into the house. Although it is a kitchen, it doesn’t look like one. It’s more like a sideboard, with two taps. All drawers are symmetrical, the monochrome colour palette for worktop and fronts works perfectly, and to top it all: no top drawers, which creates a lot of open space and makes the room look bigger. This minimalistic kitchen looks like my future dream kitchen. The only thing missing is the cooker, but I bet it’s integrated somewhere you can’t see!


Patrizia Furrer, Interior Blogger

I love a kitchen that is clean and tidy, but not sterile. This is a perfect example. The concrete countertops give it an industrial feel, the white floor the Scandinavian coolness and the well-place accessories a warm touch. Dare to display your favourite items and hide away the not-so-pretty stuff. A cool lamp is not only a good source of lighting, but make the room more homely. And of course, a piece of art is always a good idea.


Heather Craig, Interior Designer

I adore this kitchen for two reasons, the high contrast in colours and the use of natural finishes. Both are the top ingredients for a heavenly design, in my design book. The deep slate grey matt colour, along with the simplicity of the cabinetry provide the perfect backdrop to frame and showcase the stylish marble with its dreamy organic vibe. I love that the cupboard shape is non-standard too, which just oozes bespoke style. To bridge the colour contrast gap there’s the warm softness of the gold and the natural wood giving a cool personality and relaxed sociable vibe. I’d love to be perched on a stool in that kitchen sipping something sparkly!

English Cottage


Aisha Kellaway, Interior Blogger

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this kitchen screams country charm and personality. I love the bold purple kitchen island, stunning open beams and the cream cabinets work beautifully. Open-plan kitchen and dining areas are a great way of opening up a home, and kitchen islands are a practical way of utilising space in the kitchen. This one offers a dedicated and central prep area, extra wash basin, casual dining bench and plenty of storage. I love the plate rack – practical and stylish! The only thing I’d do differently is changing the lights to something a little less modern to complement the country style.


Sophie Tatton, Interior Blogger

I really love this bright, spacious kitchen. It’s ideal for cooking and entertaining and I am drawn to the quintessential traditional English feel it evokes.

The exposed beams and the solid wood countertops work wonderfully with the shaker cabinets and the Aga just adds to that farmhouse feel. The blue colour of the cabinets is a real attention grabber, I don’t think you should be afraid to introduce colour into a kitchen.

 There is plenty of storage which is always needed and I like the glass fronted cabinets and plate rack which can be used to display beautiful dinner sets. Having shelving built in is always a huge plus to store all of those recipe books!


Jessica Trent, Interior Blogger

My favourite kitchen is my own kitchen! I’m incredibly lucky to have my husband design and create kitchens himself. It’s a tiny space but benefits from an incredible flood of natural light, and there’s a story behind every cabinet and drawer. All handmade from a workshop in our back garden, he combines traditional English style cabinets with vintage-style twist-lock knobs & modern Iroko worktops. It’s so beautifully functional in our compact living space, I can’t imagine anything better! 


Kim M, Interior Blogger

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When decorating my own dream space, I kept this in mind throughout the entire process. I tried to create a functional room that was still warm and charming, by adding personal items, family photos and keepsakes, rich wood tones and warm colours. The custom hood, my favourite design element, mimics a hearth and draws everyone in to gather around and share good times.


Laura Holmes, Interior Blogger

I love this kitchen because it feels so fresh, clean and airy. Victorian terraced houses are often quite narrow with the kitchen at the rear, so it can be hard to get enough light into the space. The soft palette that I chose for the room helps to create a sense of space as well as calm. Finally, I added contemporary dining furniture and a modern chandelier above the island to finish off the room and give it a slightly modern edge.


Emma Kate, Interior Blogger

My favourite kitchen is my own kitchen. The reason it makes me so happy is because I transformed it from a bland beige 1980’s kitchen into a bright shaker-style kitchen for under £300. I’m thrilled to have saved it from landfill as I’m a keen up-cycler and I’m thrilled to have achieved such a large change for so little money. I used the original doors and added wooden trim, new handles and paint.


Kitchen Design Ideas

Anna Lysik, Interior Blogger

My perfect kitchen needs to consist of three important factors; it needs to be functional, spacious and reflect my personal style.
My dream home would be a city centre duplex apartment with an open-plan, industrial kitchen. I love the addition of a mini garden in here, bringing the nature indoors.
This a Siematic kitchen, from their urban collection. I love the anthracite fronts, combined with raw materials and added splash of colour with accessories.
Having a bedroom close to the kitchen would be perfect for every Sunday morning – to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Desiree Groenendal, Interior Blogger

This family summer home in the Hamptons is built out of several VIPP Modules in bright white with a 4mm stainless steel table top. I love this kitchen because of its industrial character and concrete floor. A beautiful open space with the original beams left in sight and a sneak peek in the garden.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Helga de Waal, Interior Designer

I love the minimal and timeless design of this kitchen. The modern industrial floor and white cabinets fit beautifully with the wooden counter, which still makes it warm and cosy. Through the windows, the natural light comes into the kitchen and you can look outside while cooking. It is a kitchen with a zen feeling that I would love to have in my future house.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Luke Batchelor, Interior Blogger

I’ve always admired the work of Rose Uniacke due to her impeccable ability to mix period design features harmoniously with contemporary design. In one of Pimlico’s grandest 19th-century homes, you will find one of the most beautiful interior restorations of recent years. The kitchen, with its high ceilings and large windows typical of a property of this scale, manages to retain a feeling of yesteryear with the richly toned flagstone floor and French range cooker. The muted tones are enhanced by the cool marble and warm wood of the central island, while Rose’s signature brass bamboo leg furniture adds a delicate aesthetic to a room dominated by square shapes. 

The addition of fine art with its hit of colour and the almost out-of-proportion ceiling pendant lights add intrigue along with everyday kitchen gadgets, making it clear that this beautiful, stylish kitchen is part of a much-loved family home where old art meets new art, old furniture meets new furniture and essentially where the mastermind of Rose Uniacke meets reality.


Kitchen Design Ideas

Karen Clough, Interior Blogger

The word I’d use to describe this kitchen over any other is ‘unforgettable’. It’s bold. It’s quirky. It’s a conversation starter whilst not being an assault on the eyes. I love how it is unapologetically a lived-in and practical home. Instead of locking away the products that define the room’s function, this kitchen has celebrated them with colourful fruit bowls and stools paired with darker wall accessories and lighting fixtures for extra contrast. It is packed with personality – that bright geometric paint job is simply incredible – and it is timeless.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Jacquin Milhouse, Interior Blogger

A little inspiration never hurts when you’re in the kitchen, and this colour burst kitchen certainly delivers. I love it kitchen has so many unexpected pops of colour! It feels young, fresh, and energising. I also enjoy all of the beautiful textures and patterns present. Its feature planter wall and gold barstools are a treat in this space as well, but I must say that the graphic, wrap-around tile wall is my favourite. This kitchen has a collected feel, while still maintaining a contemporary look. A true visual delight!

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kate Beavis, Interior Blogger

My favourite kitchen is this original 1950s English Rose, owned by Sarah Bradbury from Planet Sputnik, which I featured in my book Style Your Modern Vintage Home. It was the ‘must have’ kitchen of the time, produced in the UK out of stockpiled aluminium left over from Spitfire manufacturing during the war. It was also the first modular kitchen with a metal frame that could be bolted together easily. I love the aesthetics as well as the practicality- the curved front drawers enabled a deeper worktop without losing floor space which was perfect for the 50s housewife. John Lewis makes a modern version but you can’t beat the original! This example is extra special due to the addition of other vintage accessories, such as the American canisters and Caddymatic tea dispenser.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Janice Issitt, Interior Blogger

I love my kitchen because it is personalised to exactly my taste and not one bought from a catalogue. I dislike hard black and white surfaces, preferring wood, natural or painted – preferably worn and chipped. I love vintage kitchenalia, so collections of that are on the shelves and in the glass fronted cupboards. I re-paint the kitchen myself, the latest design being pastel shades to match the vintage style appliances. The door knobs are all mismatched and so is the china and cups. I’m a colour fanatic, so a great way to change the colours of your kitchen are with paint, or to add fabric curtains to cover white goods.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Brenda Kula-Pruitt, Interior Blogger

Most probably would not understand why I chose this kitchen as my favourite, so I’ll explain. This looks like someone’s grandmother’s kitchen, so it evokes many warm feelings in me. I absolutely love eat-in kitchens, and this one has that. I like white kitchen appliances, not stainless steel, which I find too harsh and industrial. I love the red and turquoise colour combination, the simplicity of the cabinets, the hardwood floors and the retro kitchen table surrounded by blue wooden chairs. I’m also crazy for polka dots -especially red and white polka dots. This kitchen carries with it a whimsical theme that makes me smile when I gaze at it. It looks like a lived-in kitchen – one where love resides within its walls.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Paula Benson, Interior Blogger

I love clean lines, granite and stainless steel, but conversely, one of my favourite kitchens is a retro, fun, stylish affair. The kitchen in Don and Megan’s 1960s Park Avenue apartment in Mad Men is a Mid-Century, Modern masterpiece. Rich blue and vibrant orange cabinet doors vie for attention, zinging out from their dark walnut borders, complemented by an unusual brown Frigidaire. At a time when open-plan became all the rage, a kitchen on full view meant it needed to look good as well as be practical.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Rebecca Davies, Interior Designer

I absolutely love this kitchen despite it being red and blue, which are colours I never usually go for. In a world of neutral kitchens, what a breath of fresh air to find one that is so bold and colourful and confident. Applying patterned tiles to the entire wall gives the room drama and interest, and I love the juxtaposition of the vintage wall cabinet and chandelier against the contemporary sleek units and worktop. Little pops of pink and green, and the warm colour of the wooden floor, all go towards making this kitchen not only beautiful but homely as well.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Yasmin Chopin, Interior Blogger

When you move into a new home, the kitchen is probably the most difficult room to change if it doesn’t already match your taste and style. The design of this kitchen, made and installed by Cimitree, really excites me for the clever way it uses the space. It is an awkwardly shaped room and each expertly crafted unit is given what seems a generous amount of space. This allows light to become an active element in the design as it reaches the surfaces and shows off the colours, curves and details. The plain white walls make the room appear like an art gallery and the kitchen units are the star exhibits. The combination of colours is unusual and hark back to the sixties for me, although I understand the inspiration was Art Deco; you can see how the two periods meld together creating a unique style. The care and skill that has gone into the making is self-evident, you can look at this kitchen for a long time and keep seeing more beauty. I adore the kick boards! I would be very proud to own a kitchen like this.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Katrina West, Interior Blogger

To me, a kitchen must be practical, stylish and the heart of a home. I love an eclectic mix of modern style, fused harmoniously with traditional. Here, the original parquet flooring and cooker hood elements blend perfectly to create a classic style with a contemporary edge. The clean lines of the white units establish a calm, open space, whilst styling with bright pops of colour add heaps of character.

We are thrilled with this round-up of kitchen design ideas and hope you’ve been filled with lots of inspiration.