Cheap And Easy DIY Irrigation Systems For A Self Watering Garden

Have you ever thought about creating your own irrigation system for your garden? imagine a garden that waters itself! If you have a relatively large garden, then you know how long it takes to get water to all of those plants. Here in the South, we often have to hand water our gardens, particularly during the hotter summer months when rain just doesn’t want to fall. While installing your own irrigation system may seem like a costly project, it can be really cheap. In fact, I have found 16 cheap and easy DIY irrigation systems that will take the difficulty out of keeping your garden watered.

Having your own garden irrigation system in place can actually save you money because you don’t have to use as much water. The system puts water directly on the roots of your plants, where it needs to go. So, you’re not wasting water by dribbling it all over your actual plant. And, you can set the system to water whenever it is needed so you don’t have to worry about trekking out to the garden with a garden hose or worse, buckets of water for your watering. And, if you like the thought of a self watering garden, then you are going to love these 15 DIY self watering planters for your potted plants.

Gardening is one of my favorite projects. I love nothing more than planting a huge vegetable garden every spring and I can’t wait until those veggies come in throughout the season. Of course, watering can take up a lot of time each day but with these DIY irrigation systems, that part of the work is already done for you. And while you are watering one end of your garden, you can work on planting the other end. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. You should also take a look at these 10 DIY garden kneeling pads that will also make gardening easier for you.

1. Easy Outdoor Drip Irrigation System

Easy Outdoor Drip Irrigation System

This easy to install drip irrigation system is hooked up to your outdoor faucet and it perfectly waters your garden when needed. You can unhook it when it is not in use so that you have your outdoor water supply for other things. This one won’t take you long at all to set up and it’s really cheap if you have certain supplies on hand – even if you have to buy them all, this one is not at all expensive.Tutorial: thisoldhouse

2. Simple Bucket Irrigation System

Simple Bucket Irrigation System

A five gallon bucket and a few lines are all you need to create your own irrigation system. Depending on the supplies that you have on hand, you may actually be able to make this one for free. I always have a couple of five gallon buckets sitting around and you just have to add the line for your water to run out. This one is so super easy to build and it perfectly waters those plants for you.Tutorial: cpp

3. PVC Pipe Irrigation System

PVC Pipe Irrigation System

This one is also really easy to build and you can use it to keep your garden or your lawn perfectly watered during those hot summer months. This is a pretty cheap one too, if you happen to have some PVC pipe and a few other key supplies on hand. It uses a sprinkler type system to put water where you need it – watch the kiddos with this one. They are sure to want to run through it when it’s hot outside.Tutorial: budget101

4. DIY Rain Water Irrigation System

DIY Rain Water Irrigation System

You can build an irrigation system for your lawn or garden that doesn’t use any of your city water. Imagine having collected rain water to water your garden! Your plants will be so much healthier and so will your family since rain water is more natural than water that has fluoride and other chemicals added. This one is super easy to put together and it gives you a wonderful way to use up that rain water. You can even use your DIY rainwater collection system for this one.Tutorial: bluebarrelsystems

5. Cheap DIY Irrigation System – For Under $10!

Believe it or not, you can create a system that will keep your garden perfectly watered, and you can make it for less than $10! How’s that for cheap? You use a storage bin for the water supply on this one and it really is super easy to put together. You will never again have to worry about wilted tomato plants or other veggies with this one.

6. DIY Drip Line Irrigation System

DIY Drip Line Irrigation System

Many gardeners believe that drip lines are the way to go with regards to irrigation systems. They definitely do have their benefits. You can line them up to perfectly water each plant and if you add an automatic timer, you can set it to water them at the right time of the day. Incidentally, you should never water your garden plants during the hottest part of the day – so set your timers to give them a drink around dusk.Tutorial: homefortheharvest

7. DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System

DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System

A good drip irrigation system is going to automatically provide water to plants when it should. This one is pretty easy to build and you have a few options regarding materials. You can also learn more about how much water to give your plants and the best times to set your timer for the water to be delivered. And, since you have different material options, this one may not cost you anything if you have the right supplies on hand.Tutorial: makezine

8. Dual System DIY Irrigation

Dual System DIY Irrigation

This dual irrigation system is great for raised beds or traditional in ground gardens, so you can use it even if you have a container garden. The first part of the system is a soaker hose that keeps your plants clean and refreshed. The second part is a drip irrigation system that delivers water to the roots of your plants – right where they need it.Tutorial: motherearthnews

9. Cheap And Easy PVC Water Run

Cheap And Easy PVC Water Run

You can make this irrigation system for under $100 and it is really easy. You can use this for your traditional garden or for those container gardens and it is perfect for helping you to keep enough water to herb gardens or others that you have above the ground. You use PVC pipe – which is really inexpensive – and a few other key supplies to make this one and it will definitely save you time and money.Tutorial: instructables

11. DIY Water Dripper System

DIY Water Dripper System

This DIY water irrigation system follows the same basic plan as others and it is really easy to assemble. You will need a few materials, including a good garden hose, a hose connector, drippers to water your plants, stakes to hold your hose in place and a flow control valve and timer. You can pick up all of these supplies at your local home improvement or hardware store if you don’t already have them on hand and none of them are terribly expensive.Tutorial: diy

12. DIY Soaker Hose System

DIY Soaker Hose System

A soaker hose will deliver water right to the roots of your plants, where they need it. This DIY system is so easy to make and it only requires a few materials. You will of course, need a hose and you can use small PVC pipe for this. You also need a few fittings and a couple of hours to set the system up and get it running.Tutorial: diynetwork

13. Raised Garden Bed Irrigation System

Here is another great soaker hose DIY that you can use to keep your raised garden beds hydrated. This is great for veggie or flower gardens and it doesn’t take long at all to set it up. The soaker hose keeps plant roots perfectly watered and this one is pretty cheap to make. You just need a few key materials and you’re ready to start irrigating.


14. Cheap DIY Drip Irrigation

Cheap DIY Drip IrrigationThis drip irrigation system is one of the cheapest and the easiest ones that you could make for your garden. This one is set up for a traditional in ground garden but you could easily adapt it for a raised garden bed if that is what you have. You don’t need a lot of expensive supplies or materials and you don’t need more than just a couple of hours to put this one together.

Tutorial: lifehacker

15. Raised Wooden Bed Irrigation System

Raised Wooden Bed Irrigation System

If you have a raised wooden garden bed then this system is perfect for you. The line runs right through the center of your raised bed and it is a really easy DIY project if you add the irrigation system when you build the bed box. If you are doing raised gardens this year then you will definitely want to take a look at this one.Tutorial: prettyprudent

16. Repurposed Plastic Bottle Irrigation System

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Irrigation System

Turn those old empty plastic bottles into something useful with this DIY irrigation system. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on rain barrels or other containers to house your water. Plastic bottles work perfectly and you can add these to your traditional in ground gardens or a raised garden if that’s what you have. The process is really simple and since you are repurposing, you are saving money when you build this one. You have to love a good plastic bottle hack.Tutorial: providentliving

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