90+ Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards and Backyards

Landscaping ideas for front yards and backyards should not be ignored. In most cases people pay more attention to the interior part their house and less to the exterior. Designing your landscape is just as important as designing any part of the house. Landscaping ideas that are skillfully carried out can complement to the whole aesthetics of your house.  You can enhance the whole appeal of your yard by choosing the appropriate shrubs, garden edges, plants, and flowers.

Before you start designing your front yard and backyard, you must create an inventory of on your front- and backyard space.  As there are many landscaping ideas to choose from, try to figure out which one would be fit best for your space and then make adjustments to create your perfect garden.  Consider that you might want to have a pool or a playground for the kids, or if you want to work outdoors then you make space for a flower garden. For some people, it is their lifelong dream to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Try to consider what your family really wants. The front yard and the backyard are two unique entities since they serve separate purposes, so designs your garden with that in mind while keeping an overall theme!

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

1. Cheap Landscaping Ideas

Cheap Landscaping Ideas

The walkway is very simple, however, it is made beautiful by the well-trimmed grass around it.  There are bunches of flowers in order to make it colorful.  Be sure to keep the surroundings tidy by taking out those weeds as soon as they pop-up.

2. Beautiful Home Garden Designs

Beautiful Home Garden Designs

This is a beautiful home garden design for your front yard landscaping.  You can update your front yard design by adding shrubs, walkways, gardens to make it colorful.

3. Contemporary Front Yard Landscape

Contemporary Front Yard Landscape

These days, modern landscaping has toned down a bit.  It has a minimal approach with lesser stones and flowering plants.

4. Stunning Landscaping Ideas

Desert Landscaping Ideas

This is a small landscaping for front yard with colorful flower garden.  It’s the best way to dress up your front yard.

5. Desert Landscaping Ideas

DIY Landscaping Ideas

Aside from plants and flowers, you can also add stones, gravel mist, and river rocks to add some texture to your landscaping.  This design is highlighted by the potted plants.

6. Easy Landscaping Ideas

Easy Landscaping Ideas

If you have a big home and a big front yard then you should also have a larger plot for your plants. However, there’s no need to fill every space.  Something like these yellow pops can make the design stand out with very little!

7. DIY Landscaping Ideas

DIY Front Yard Landscaping

This is a simple front yard landscaping for small spaces.  If you have a small space in your front yard then you can make it look cute and perfect by having a small garden with grass and plants.

8. Tropical Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

If you have a big house with a huge front yard, you have to consider that not all trees are suitable for it.  This huge palm tree looks great on this big house.

9. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas 

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A BudgetOne of the best ways of transforming your modest space into something bigger is by using the symmetrical approach. Having an equal balance of trees and flowers on both sides makes it look amazing.

10. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With RocksThis is a blend of modern architecture and desert landscaping.  This is the perfect setting for xeriscaping. The lines and the planes of the house work well with the well-structured landscape design.

11. Garden Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping PictureA cottage front yard garden is best for minimal space. Create rock pathways and blend it with perennials. Add a seating area to make it look more inviting.

12. Grand And Colorful Front Yard Landscaping 

Front Yard Landscaping PicturesWhen visitors enter your front yard, make it grand.  The huge potted mums are a colorful way of welcoming them to your yard and home.

13. Front Yard Landscaping Plant Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Plant IdeasMost beautiful front yards are made of wild flowering plants.  If you would like to have this design then be sure to consider the height of your perennials.  The tallest plants should be at the back while the shortest plants should be at the front.  In this way, each plant will be well appreciated.

14. Front Yard Landscaping With Rocks

Front Yard Landscaping With RocksFront yard landscaping ideas can enhance the curb appeal of the outdoors of your home.  This beautiful design is a mixture of stones, rocks, plants and water bodies with some grass.

15.  Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Inexpensive Landscaping IdeasThis neutral landscaping looks fabulous with the white wildflowers, grass, and small bushes.  The scalloped mulching adds charm to this creative design.

16. Landscape Designs For Small Yards

Landscape Designs For Small YardsThe design of this terra-cotta stone house is also applied on the landscaping.  The earthy front yard consists of large boulders combined with natural foliage.  It looks so simple and peaceful.

17. Landscaping Design Ideas For Front Yard

Landscaping Design Ideas For Front YardHanging flowering baskets in your front yard provides a fresh and elegant appeal to your home.  You can also change them every year in order to enjoy a fresh new look.

18. Amazing Landscaping Ideas 

Landscaping Ideas FloridaThis is a simple and sweet landscaping which highlights the charming home.  The natural color provides comfort and freshness.

19. Landscaping Ideas Around House

Landscaping Ideas Around House

Best front yard landscaping ideas with garden flowers and plants. If you want to keep things simple then let the green grass, bushes, flowers and plants provide you with freshness.

20. Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

The green grass and the curb appeal is elaborated in this front yard landscaping.  It can ensure visitors that they are very welcome to enter your yard and home.

21. Landscaping Ideas For Privacy

Landscaping Ideas For PrivacyAlways make sure that you have enough time in maintaining your front yard landscaping design.  This colorful design only requires minimal maintenance.

22. Landscaping Ideas For Small Areas

Landscaping Ideas For Small AreasA colorful flower garden is the best way of dressing up your front yard.  A flower garden can add texture, color, and fragrance to your front yard.

23. Landscaping Ideas For Big Front Yard

Landscaping Ideas For Small Front YardOne of the best ornament that you can use in your huge front yard is the Bermuda grass.  It creates a connection in every boundary.  It provides a clean and fresh look.

24. Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

Landscaping Ideas For Your Front YardThis modest front yard looks clean and fresh with the flowering tree.  It adds visual height to the yard and makes the home look classy.  Adding different heights to your landscaping provides amazing curb appeal.

25. Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Landscaping Ideas On A BudgetThe variety of sweet flowers with radiant colors brings elegance to your front yard.

26. Symmetrical Landscaping Ideas

Pool Landscaping IdeasIf you don’t have enough time in grooming your front yard all year long then you can just keep it simple.  The bushes provide lushness as they grow.  The potted plants and the green grass provides freshness, especially during the warmer months.

27. Desert Front Yard Landscape

Simple Front Yard LandscapeMost often, a desert landscaping design can consist of gravel, rocks, and small boulders.  It looks superb when combined with grasses, plants, and trees.

28. Simple Landscaping Ideas

Simple Landscaping IdeasThis is a simple landscaping idea for a front yard which highlights the white house.  It adds richness to the house and its simplicity provides freshness and comfort.

29. Small Front Yard Landscaping

Small Front Yard LandscapingThe pair of potted topiaries provides symmetry.  The garden with a variety of plants and flowers makes the front yard look fresh and colorful.

30. Small Front Yard Landscaping Design

Small Front Yard Landscaping DesignIf you have a modern home then you should have a contemporary front yard design.  This landscaping is very easy to maintain and looks elegant.

31. Stylish Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Stylish Small Front Yard Lndscaping Ideas

The red brick home is the perfect backdrop of colorful flowers.  The variety of colors makes the home look bright and elegant.

Landscaping Ideas for Backyards

32. Amazing Backyard Landscaping

Amazing Backyard Landscaping

Does your garden look untidy? If so then it’s time to give a new look to your garden and try recreating your whole backyard.  A variety of plants can make your garden look new.  It can also provide a variety of colors.

33. Awesome Small Backyard Rock Garden

Awesome Small Backyard Rock Garden

You can add privacy to your backyard by adding a stylish fence.

34. Backyard Curb Appeal

Backyard Curb Appeal

Having a cozy backyard sitting area is an amazing feature of your home.

35. Spectacular Backyard

Backyard Flowers DesignThe outdoor seating areas offer an exclusive place.  The natural surroundings and the garden designs makes the area spectacular.

36. Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

Creating a flower bed on your backyard can add beauty to your home.  You can add some texture and architectural dimension to your backyard by having planters such as this metal pipe.  If you are using tall planters, you can avoid using a lot of compost or soil by filling cans or plastic bottles at the bottom.

37. Backyard Landscape Ideas


Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Regardless if you have a small backyard, you can still create your own separate seating area.

38. Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Pictures

The pool is located at the rear end of the backyard leaving a huge space for playing.

39. Backyard Landscaping Designs

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Pinterest

Although it is only a small backyard but its beautiful landscape is a dream come true for a person who has a green thumb.

40. Backyard Landscaping Plans

Backyard Landscaping Plans

This backyard is beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and tiny trees.  Make sure that the arrangement of your flowers are harmonious.

41. Unique Backyard Landscaping 

Backyard Landscaping Trees

Having a water element on your backyard makes it unique and beautiful.

42. Backyard Shrubs Design

Backyard Shrubs Design

Having this clean and simple design is most often more attractive than having a complex one.

43. Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

The best place for a sitting area is in a corner which is more private.  When it comes to landscaping, it should not be limited to flowers and plants only.  You might also consider other elements such as the patio, the fence, the walls, the water elements and other features.

44. Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Aside from having trees and pathways, your backyard landscaping should also have a functional side.

45. Backyard Pool 

Contemporary Backyard Landscape Design

Your backyard can also become your spa-like space.  You can have a pool and a sitting area.  If you still have space, it would be nice to have a pond or a fountain aside from the plants and the flowers.

46. Elegant Backyard Garden Ideas

Elegant Backyard Garden Ideas

You can add other functional elements to your backyard such as an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue or even a bar.

47. Backyard Landscaping Designs

Backyard Landscaping Designs

Try to consider every element of your backyard since it is an essential part of your landscaping.

48. Garden Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Sometimes its great to sit back and enjoy the magnificent view of your backyard.

49. Landscape Design For Backyard

Landscape Design For Backyard

You can add some rocks to the edge of your flower bed to make it more creative.

50. Landscape Design For Backyard Patio

Landscape Design For Backyard Pictures

Blending natural elements and colors can create a harmonious effect on your backyard.

51. Landscape Design For Small Backyard

Landscape Design For Small Backyard

This is a contemporary small backyard which includes natural materials and other elements.

52. Landscaping Your Backyard

Landscape Design Ideas For Backyard

Your backyard can also be used as your lounging area.  Nature combined with an outdoor sitting area is a perfect match.

53. Perfect Landscape Design

Landscape Design Photos

This landscape is a combination of the pathways, fence and the stairs along with the green grass and the plants.

54. Natural Landscape Design

Landscape Design Pictures

One of the best natural elements that can be used in backyard landscaping are rocks.  There are a lot of ways of using rocks to your own advantage.

55. Landscapes Ideas with Fireplace

Landscapes Ideas Sloped Backyard

An outdoor fireplace can be very useful especially during autumn and spring.

56. Landscaping Designs with Pathways

Landscaping Designs For Your Backyard

The pathways can create a solidarity look on your backyard.

57. Patio Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas Around Pool

The patio should not be exposed to excessive sunlight.

58. Landscaping Backyard Ideas with Lights

Landscaping Ideas Backyard

This is a great backyard which features sitting areas, rock walkways with vibrant plants.  It also has privacy factors with superior lightings.

59. Backyard Pool Landscaping  

Landscaping Ideas For Backyard

The backyard pool is the main element in this landscaping.

60. Nature Landscaping Ideas 

Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

Generally, vegetation and plants may require more care and maintenance.

61. Wonderful Backyard

Landscaping Ideas For Hills

This is a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the natural surroundings.

62. Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

This minimalist design has a harmonious effect.

63. Landscaping Images for Backyard

Landscaping Images

Be creative and go beyond sod and mulch by creating a sand bed with a hammock.  This tropical paradise can be completed by having a bed of flowers and some trees.

64. Gorgeous Backyard

Landscaping Pictures

Create a beautiful lounge area on your backyard by having Spanish arches on the background.

65. Lovely Backyard Landscaping

Lovely Backyard Landscaping

This newly renovated backyard features a bench around the mulberry tree.  It also has a lovely wood deck with a privacy wall and a sitting area.

66. Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas

This modern backyard features some artificial grass with stone pavers.  It has a colorful fireplace on the side and a table with hanging lights.

67. The Perfect Place to Hangout

My Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

This backyard is the best place to hangout with your friends.  You can have some barbecue or perhaps play some game.

68. Nice Backyard Landscaping

Nice Backyard Landscaping

This is the perfect place to have your private dinner.  The tin tile serves as the privacy wall.

69. Newly Renovated Backyard

Outdoors Landscaping For Backyard

If you love the smell of firewood then you can place a fire pit on your newly renovated backyard.

70. Landscape Design with Walkway

Palm Tree Landscape Design

You can create a private walkway and at the end place a bench so that you can enjoy the view.  You can either create a single path or a double path.

71.  Dining Area On Your Backyard

Striking Rock Garden Designs

Your backyard can also be the perfect area for dining.  These red dining chairs can make your backyard look more colorful.

72. English-inspired Backyard Design

Pictures Of Backyard Landscaping

In order to create a formal look, you should properly maintain your sculpted shrubs.  This rounded top shape is one of the most popular hedge shapes since it can permit the sun to reach the base.

73. Superior Small Yard Design

Superior Small Yard Design

Add color to your seating area by choosing colorful textiles for your throw pillows and cushions.  Red and orange are a brilliant combination.

74. Simple Landscaping Ideas 

Simple Landscaping Ideas Pictures

If your ground space is only limited then the best option would be a custom flower box.  Place a variety of plants with different texture and sizes on your miniature garden.  It can add fragrance and color to your small backyard.

75. Backyard Ideas with Perennials

Small Backyard Ideas

Plant some tall flowering perennials on your garden bed to create a border between your yard and the road. This garden consists of Echinacea ‘Coconut Lime’, white Phlox paniculata ‘David’, Aster ‘Bluebird’, Platycodon and Digitalis ferruginea.

76. Small Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Small Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Raised beds are perfect for areas with sandy soil or heavy clay.  Raised beds can let you choose the soil that is appropriate for your plants.  Choose a variety of colors for your garden.

77. Backyard Ideas

Backyard Ideas

A fire pit on the backyard can attract friends and family members who love marshmallows.  You can place it at the edge of your backyard in order to have more space.

78. Contemporary Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If tradition mulch is not possible then you can create rock beds for your plants.  The synthetic turf on the stonework is perfect for this modern sitting area.

79. Simple Backyard Ideas

Simple Backyard Ideas

If you love to eat salad then you can create an edible garden on your backyard.  Create raised beds and plant your edibles on it.

80. Backyard Landscaping for Fun and Games

Small Backyard Landscaping

Create a touch of green on your backyard by putting an authentic or a synthetic turf.  Real turf is less expensive but requires more maintenance.  If you prefer to have less maintenance then you can use synthetic turf, however, it is more costly.

81. Nice Backyard Ideas

Nice Backyard Ideas

Creating a mystery path can be accomplished even if you have a small backyard.  Plant some perennials on the sides of the walkway so as to conceal the end of the path.

82. DIY Backyard Ideas

Diy Backyard Ideas

One of the easiest and quickest DIY backyard ideas is creating a stone patio.  You can do it on your own by using some tools.

83. Beautiful Backyard Ideas

Beautiful Backyard Ideas

Have you tried transforming your backyard into a living room sanctuary?  This backyard features a lounging area, dining area, and a playing area.

84. Unique Backyard Ideas

Unique Backyard Ideas

This is a blend of old and new architecture.  The fireplace is the center of attraction.  It also features a woven sea-grass rug and some water-resistant furniture.

85. Backyard Ideas With Pool

Backyard Ideas With Pool

The light on the firewall gives light to the pool.  It’s like swimming under the stars.

86. Backyard Ideas Patio

Backyard Ideas Patio

Having a fire pit on your patio can provide warmth on cool evenings.  It is perfect for any outdoor gatherings.

87. Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Backyard Ideas On A Budget

This is a unique hedge with tall maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’).  It is blended with a dwarf fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’).  This garden creates an enclosure with a musical effect.

88. Small Backyard Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas

Sometimes you can create a bigger lawn with your small space.  The secret is to use a faux-grass rug.

89. Simple Backyard Ideas

Simple Backyard Ideas

You can create a tropical hideaway by maximizing the space on your small garden.  The Japanese fiber banana (Musa basjoo) is a hardy tropical plant.

90. Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You can transform a small space into a garden by planting a stylish pergola.  It can provide shade for your windows and at the same time, it can also block the view of the neighbors.

91. Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard Design Ideas

This is a contemporary backyard which includes a variety of elements.  It is highlighted by the magnificent metal and glass fire.

92. Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas

The stone patio blends well with the furniture.  The colorful accents in the seating area provides warmth to the backyard.

93. Backyard Designs

Backyard Designs

The green ceramic water pedestal is the focal point of this backyard.  It is surrounded with rocks and some green plants.

94. Unique Backyard Ideas

Backyard Ideas For Kids

This is a floating deck backyard with a shade structure.  It features vegetable planters, a privacy wall, a metal water and other elements.

95. Small Backyard Design Ideas

Small Backyard Design Ideas

A gray seating set is perfect for this backyard.  The fireplace provides warmth to the family members.

96. Backyard Ideas Cheap

Backyard Ideas Cheap

You can incorporate line paths into your landscaping to make it eye-catching.

97. Backyard Ideas For Small Yards

Backyard Ideas For Small Yards

If you love turf but you do not have time to mow then you can install an artificial grass.  It saves you time and water as well.

98. Ideas For Backyard Spaces

Ideas For Small Backyard Spaces

If you have a bigger backyard then you can crete a family room in your garden.  Furnish it with furniture to make it more relaxing.

99. Backyard Ideas For Moderate Spaces

Side Yard Ideas

Create a garden with a variety of colors.  The trees provide shade and fresh air too.

100. Beautiful Backyard

Beautiful Backyards

Creating a stepping stone path towards your lawn can guide your visitors.  Use a string in creating an outline.

Which landscaping idea is your favorite?  You can choose to do your own landscaping or you can hire a company.  Landscaping can add a touch of style and functionality to your outdoor space. You can add color and variety to your outdoor space.

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